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The RESPECT Map Project

A project with and for organizations supporting veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces and Royal Canadian Mounted Police, emergency responders, and their families, created by the Respect Forum.

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  • Generate and share deeper and broader knowledge and understanding of the service landscape;
  • Promote collaboration and the sharing of knowledge at the local, regional, and national levels; and
  • Provide a framework and tools for organizations and stakeholders to assist in learning, efficiency, and coverage of needs.

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Across Canada, organizations and individuals are committed to assisting and providing services and support to men and women in uniformed service (active or retired) who are facing challenges arising from their service to the nation and community. Such challenges often come in the form of mental health issues and problems adjusting to post-service life. These problems and their consequences have many ramifications and can affect individuals, their families, and communities in multiple ways.

In this context, the Respect Forum’s mission is to promote collaboration through networking and the sharing of knowledge to help improve mental health services and reduce homelessness for men and women in uniformed service who run to danger. With its mission, ongoing activities and experience, the Respect Forum is in a unique position to develop and provide a comprehensive framework to guide in the creation, development, and implementation of service mapping and assistance for these vulnerable communities.

We believe that the service mapping that will come out of this project will help all stakeholders to provide more comprehensive services and programs that contribute to the quality of life of veterans, men and women in uniformed service, and their families.

*Note: We use the term organization as a generic term which also includes individual service providers.


Our methodology is based on a progressive crisis risk management model. By looking at crises this way we can analyze and act on crisis risks before, during and after they occurs. 

To better understand the service landscape for Canadian Armed Forces and RCMP veterans, emergency responders, and their families locally, regionally, and nationally, we are analyzing the service offerings in terms of 4 phases, namely services targeting:

  • Before crisis to reduce its likelihood of occurrence through Prevention, Planning, Preparation and Education services
  • During crisis to reduce its adverse consequences through Intervention services (immediate action).
  • During crisis to reduce its adverse consequences through Stabilization services (sustained action).

After crisis to recover and foster resilience through Recovery and Reintegration services.


The Respect Forum is a national networking initiative that aims to help improve services for Canadian Armed Forces and RCMP veterans, emergency responders, and their families in Canada. In its fight against phenomena such as PTSD and homelessness, the Respect Forum aims to promote collaborative approaches to service delivery, knowledge sharing and knowledge development. Our vision is to ensure that those who run to danger in service of the nation and their community have access to the support and care they need in the areas of mental health, well-being, and social services to reduce homelessness and other afflictions.

Respect Forum meetings bring together people from health and social services, all levels of government, universities, community organizations and peer support organizations. Participants can talk about their organization, the services they provide, the challenges they face, and their research and community engagement activities, paving the way for collaboration.

Our website: http://respectcanada.org/index.html


In May 2021, the Respect Forum launched a collaborative project with local chapter 211 Newfoundland & Labrador and United Way NL. This collaboration aims to support more efficient and relevant mapping by limiting duplication of efforts. 

In October 2021, following our collaboration with 211NL, we are proud to expand our joint work with 211 New Brunswick and 211 Saskatchewan.

In December 2021, our list of partners extended to 211 Grand Montreal and EMBER.


  • Do you have questions about our methodology and / or our project?
  • Do you have any comments / advice for us?

Do not hesitate to contact us at mapping@respectcanada.org!