211 New Brunswick / 211 Nouveau Brunswick
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150+ languages, including 17 indigenous languages, are available through interpretation services at the 211 line.
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On line, New Brunswick (NB) On line
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Daniela Fernandez
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Canada, New Brunswick (NB)
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New Brunswick (NB)
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Women, LGBTQ2+ individuals, Indigenous, CAF Reservists, Part-time/Volunteer
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211 NB maintains and provides information on non-emergency and non-clinical health services.
>The 211 NB service navigators (that answer calls/texts/web chats) are trained to effectively respond to crisis contacts, and can initiate cold transfers and warm transfers to appropriate phone lines as needed.
> The 211 NB Service navigators may ask contacts if they would like a follow-up call. If the contact says yes, the Service Navigator will follow up to see if they were able to access the referrals and to see if any further supports are required. Not every contact is offered a follow-up; Service Navigators use discretion/procedures to determine when it should be offered.
> 211 NB can help people link to recovery and reintegration services to assist Veterans and First Responders facing crises.

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>The 211 NB information and referral service is available via the website, nb.211.ca (independent search), or by speaking with a Community Navigator by phone/text (2-1-1) or online chat (via the website). 211 NB does not provide a direct service other than information and referral.
>Needs assessment
>Information and Referral: Service navigators are trained to address crisis contacts and have procedures in place to ensure the caller is linked to appropriate immediate services as needed.
>Follow up is offered where deemed appropriate/necessary.
>Referrals as necessary.

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New Brunswick (NB)
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>211 NB tracks website topic searches/locations via Google Analytics and issues/location/demographics for phone/text/web chat contacts via our database. The data can highlight met/unmet needs, caller locations, trends, and more. In addition, the data can highlight gaps in service, socio-economic dynamics, and more. In addition to this, the type of contacts are tracked (i.e, information only, information and referral, crisis, and more). Follow-up calls and details are also tracked.

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