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The 211 service is available over the phone in over 150 languages.
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Colton Politte
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>211 NL maintains and provides information on non-emergency and non-clinical health services.
>211 NL is able to connect clients to supports and systems that provide immediate aid to those in crisis. Including mental health crisis lines, emergency shelter support, and others.
>By connecting clients with resources that can offer ongoing support and transition services, 211 NL is able to support stabilization efforts.
> 211 NL can help people access recovery and reintegration services to help ex-combatants and first responders cope with crises.

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>Service navigators are trained to address crisis contacts and have procedures in place to ensure the caller is linked to appropriate immediate services as needed.

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Newfoundland and Labrador (NL)
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St. John's

>We collect confidential call/website data for all users to ensure that the system is working as intended and to identify trends in needs for stakeholders. 211 NL tracks website searches/locations through Google Analytics and phone/web chat contact issues/locations/demographics through our database. This data can highlight met/unmet needs, trends, etc.

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