Acuity Counselling and Therapy
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7071 Bayers Road, Nova Scotia (NS) B3L 2C2
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Maureen Gorman
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Canada, Nova Scotia (NS)
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Nova Scotia (NS)
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Health Supportive Services, Mental Health Assessment and Treatment, Mental Health Support Services
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Psychotherapy Services, Mental Health Evaluation/Assessment
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Counselling Services, Individual Counselling, Conjoint Counselling
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Counselling Services
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Stress management, Shema Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Trauma-informed Approach
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>Develop rapport, sense of safety/security with therapist & therapy process.
>Relaxation skills development (e.g., PMR, guided imagery, hypnosis, mindfulness)
>Self awareness (e.g., confidence building, self-esteem, resilience, self-reliance); building social support system.
>Reinforcement of skills & insights already learned,
>“Taking stock” process identifying goals, changes or desirable outcomes.
>Expanding needs assessment beyond self to relationships (family & social support system & how to access them), career/work (including financial concerns/issues).
>Referring out as needed (e.g., to family therapy, child therapy, to spiritual guidance).

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Nova Scotia (NS)
Nova Scotia Forums

>Pre-post assessment measures (e.g., Beck scales, Trauma Symptom Inventory-2, PCL5, GAD-7,PHQ-9). Goal attainment scaling. Client feedback.

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