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>Apollo has General Practitioners, Nurse Practitioners, Psychiatrists, Anaesthesiologists, etc. whose goal is to improve your quality of life through access to medical cannabis, when reasonable. Our medical cannabis clinics operate on a foundation of medical cannabis research. Whether you possess a wealth of experience in medical cannabis or none at all, Apollo’s veteran care team is here to guide you upon commencement of and throughout your medical cannabis treatment. Our veteran care team is available to answer any questions you might have, 7 days a week.
>Apollo also offers psychiatric services, covered through VAC, that aims to Prevent, Prepare for, Plan for, and Educate on managing various psychiatric conditions such as PTSD.
>Any emergency or urgent episode cannot be dealt with through our organization; however, non-urgent stabilization can be managed through our psychologist counselling sessions.
>When it comes to medical cannabis treatment, Apollo manages the entire process for you, starting with a consultation with one of our healthcare providers, thorough education, registration with a Health Canada Licensed Producer, assistance with placing your first order, and all relevant paperwork required to assist you in obtaining full coverage for your treatment through Veterans Affairs Canada (where applicable). Apollo also assists in acquiring medical devices, such as a vaporizer, and obtaining full coverage through Veterans Affairs Canada.
>Our psychologists aim is always to reintegrate their clients through psychotherapy.

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>Apollo’s process begins with a consultation with one of our healthcare providers that are experts in medical cannabis. Upon completion of your free consultation, we provide you with a thorough education on medical cannabis, ensure that all of your questions have been addressed and that you are comfortable starting your treatment, and provide you with direct and instant access to our Veteran Care team for ongoing support.

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>At our patient’s initial consultation, Apollo collects baseline self-reported scores related to each patient’s pain and psychiatric condition severity. At each follow up consultation, scores are updated and reviewed with the patient to determine the efficacy of the medical cannabis treatment in addressing the conditions, and changes are made if and when required.

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