Army Navy and Air Force Veterans in Canada
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>By joining you will be able to make a meaningful difference in your new unit, community, province and country. Within The Army, Navy & Air Force Veterans in Canada, you will have the opportunity to make new friends in a national organization stretching from coast to coast, become involved with your community, and to develop and share your leadership talent.
>Social Activities – Most of the ANAVETS’ units have recreational facilities and may have licensed lounges. Members can enjoy a wide variety of social events such as dances, barbeques, entertainment and a host of other special events.
>Member Participation Sports – ANAVETS has sporting events such as darts, curling, cribbage, shuffleboard and golf, with competitions at the local & provincial levels.
>Community Service – You can serve your community by assisting with the many ANAVETS programs in support of youth, veterans, seniors, the disabled and others. ANAVETS supports Canada’s youth through the teaching of sportsmanship and high ideals by sponsoring such sporting activities as minor and midget baseball and hockey. We further support the country’s youth academic development through our bursary and scholarship awards programs.
>Leadership – ANAVETS is always in search of new members who can take on a leadership challenge. If this is where your interest lies you can become involved by serving on the local unit executive. You may even wish to go to higher levels such as provincial or national. One day, you could be President of one of the largest community service organizations in Canada.
>The voice of a single person may not be heard, but the voice of thousands of members in the Army, Navy and Air Force Veterans in Canada is heeded.

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Alberta (AB), British Columbia (BC), Manitoba (MB), Nova Scotia (NS), Ontario (ON), Quebec (QC), Saskatchewan (SK)
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