Bravery in Arms / Bravoure au Combat
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Roger Chabot
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Canada, Ontario (ON)
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>In the Fall of 2018, I visited Normandy to pursue my research, to create two commemorative paintings for the 75th Anniversary of D-Day. During a visit at the Commonwealth War Grave Cemetery of Beny-sur-Mer, I met the Gardner. As we were conversing, this humble man, simple said; “I think I am more a Guardian of the Memory, than I am a Gardner”. Those words penetrated my soul deeply. It was exactly what brought me in Normandy, to be a witness of the past, a “Guardian of the Memory”.
>Translated to Latin, Custos Memoria, became my motto. Through the BIA documentary series and my paintings, my mission is to communicate and preserve our rich Military Legacy.

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>Various artistic productions (videos, commemorative paintings, etc.)

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