CAF_Windsor Support Company 31 Service Battalion / FAC_Compagnie de soutien de Windsor 31 Bataillon de service
Name of Organization
Type of Organization
Delivery Method
In person
French, English, Both
Contact Information
Windsor Support Company Maj FA Tilston, Windsor, Ontario (ON) N9A 1C3
Organization phone number
Contact Name
Kevin Casey Masterson
Contact phone number
Contact email address
Organization email address
Geographic zones of services
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Canada, Ontario (ON), Southwestern Ontario, Windsor
Choose province in which you serve cities
Ontario (ON)
Choose Ontario regions
Southwestern Ontario
Southwestern Ontario cities
Are you offering specific services to these groups? (You can choose multiple)
Health, Income Support and Employment, Organizational/Community/International Services
Income Support and Employment Categories
Employment, Social Insurance Programs
Organizational/Community/International Services Categories
Military Service
Health Categories
Mental Health Support Services
Employment Sub-categories Services
Vocational Rehabilitation
Military Service Sub-categories Services
Social Services for Military Personnel, Military Chaplaincy Services, CF Health Services, CF Member Assistance Program
Social Insurance Programs Sub-categories Services
Life Insurance
Mental Health Support Services Sub-categories Services
Talklines/Warmlines, Peer Support Services, Individual Counselling, Family Counselling
Specify Services

>Aside from the responsibility of command teams for the welfare of their subordinates, Sentinels are trained to observe, consult and assist members having difficulties or challenges.

Health methodologies
Peer Support
Organizational/Community/International methodologies
Specialized Information and Referral, Medical Information Services, Return to Work program, Family Liaison Officer
Specify Methods

>Family Information Line
>Operational and Trauma Stress Support Centres
>MFRC Mental Health Programs and Services
>Sun Life insurance
>Veterans Affairs Canada Assistance Line
>Return to Work program: If the member was unable to perform their duties due to an illness and have recovered, the Return to Work program is in place to reintegrate the member to the workplace.

Choose forum
Ontario (ON)
Ontario Forums

>Depends on the services.

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