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P.O. Box 2069 Seton Portage, British Columbia (BC) V0N 3B0
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Jillian Brown
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Seton Portage
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>Camp My Way is a Residential Wilderness Program for First Responders and their families who have been affected by PTSD. Camp My Way is located completely off the grid in the backcountry Mountains of British Columbia Canada. Our outdoor adventure based program teaches Campers how survive off grid, and respect our land that Mother Nature has provided all of us to enjoy and appreciate our gift of life today. Our self sustainablity, combined with outdoor Adventure is aimed to help our Emergency Service Providers who struggle with an OSI ( Operational Stress Injury ) PTSD get their lives back … Naturally
>By practicing meditation, self-reflection, exercise and proper nutrition with our daily routines we can help suppress and manage the onset of the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress, Mental Health and Substance Abuse challenges with other campers who have similar lived experiences.
>We provide education around PTSD both through our Camp My Way program as well as presentations that have been taken around the world to departments, schools and much more!
>The same process is provided throughout each potential means for anyone who comes to Camp My Way. This is because we are not simply a program, but a way of life that is essential and beneficial for all.

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>We share essential tools that, through lived experience, have found to help move the trapped energy that is PTSD. 5×5 breathing exercise, body scan, prompted journaling to help practice daily forgiveness, gratitude and goal setting.

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