CBI Health – Psychological Trauma Program / CBI Santé – Programme de traumatisme psychologique
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>CBI Health Group is Canada’s largest provider of integrated community healthcare, with over 250 facilities. For over 40 years, we have remained totally committed to improving the health and enriching the lives of Canadians. With more than 12,000 staff, we organize our teams and services to ensure the right professionals and caregivers provide the right service, at the right time, in the right place.
>CBI health offers a Trauma Program tailored specifically to First Responders. Psychological Trauma Treatment was created to help individuals develop coping strategies and resiliency to be able to be in settings and participate in work and other activities that have previously been avoided and to do so without significant discomfort.
>Psychological Trauma Treatment has four key objectives: (1)To decrease an individual’s vulnerability to trauma by increasing resiliency; (2)To decrease symptoms of anxiety and trauma; (3)To facilitate ability to be in settings and participate in activities that have been previously avoided, without causing significant discomfort; (4)Increase functional ability to return to work and/or activities of daily living.
>Our care includes valuable information about handling: Time management, Sleep hygiene, Talk about non-pharmasutacle coping mechanisms.
>We assist clients with time management, goal setting and scheduling.
>We work with clients to promote engagement in daily activities as well as in-vivo exposure therapy in the community, workplace, and virtual reality settings to support systematic desensitization.
>We collaborate with return to work specialists to plan and facilitate work hardening and return to work at a graduated and appropriate pace for optimized client recovery.

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Grounding strategies/techniques, Mindfullness-based cognitive therapy, Progressive Relaxation, Transcendental Meditation, Cognitive Processing Therapy
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>At CBI Health, we employ highly skilled and experienced Occupational Therapists (OTs) and clinicians who work together with our clients and their support systems to help them meet various life challenges after trauma. Our emphasis is on empowering clients to lead productive and functional lives after traumatic incidents. With a focus on building resilience and returning to work.
>Our treatment team may also communicate with the client’s extended circle of care and support, such as family members, employers, disability providers, family physicians and other community treatment providers to ensure ongoing positive results.
>Positive self-talk or affirmations
>Progressive muscle relaxation
>Deep breathing
>Mental rehearsal
>Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
>Cognitive Processing Therapy

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