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Mental Health Assessment and Treatment, Mental Health Support Services, Substance Use Disorder Services
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Substance Use Disorder Treatment Programs, Supportive Substance Use Disorder Services
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Crisis Residential Treatment, Respite services
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Mental Health Information/Education, Individual Counselling, Group Counselling
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>Specific course for professionals who wear or have worn the uniform: For more than 15 years, the CASA Center has been proud to offer quality services to people who wear or have worn the uniform. It is important to consider the reality of these professionals by offering services designed for them and which meet their lifestyle. The fact of wearing or having worn the uniform as part of one’s professional duties sometimes leads to particular problems which must be taken into account in the treatment of addictions. It is to respond to this particularity that activities have been integrated into our programs. This involves, in particular, taking into account the social impact of wearing a uniform, one’s relationship to authority, values, belonging to one’s professional community, etc. [https://www.centrecasa.qc.ca/single-post/profession-uniforme]
>Respite service: The respite service responds to a known need of CAF and Canadian Veterans Affairs clients. This is an emergency service for the person who must temporarily withdraw from their environment in order to be welcomed, as far as possible, the same day, in a safe and professional context where an experienced interdisciplinary team will provide the supervision that will allow him to “catch his breath”. [https://www.centrecasa.qc.ca/single-post/repit]
>Resourcing service: The CASA Center offers, in accommodation for a maximum of 10 days, therapeutic support, which takes into account the best practices in the treatment of addictions. The support is provided by a team of professionals and aims to prevent relapse or to retrospect the consequences of a relapse. [https://www.centrecasa.qc.ca/single-post/ressourcement]
>Regular program over 28 days: The CASA Center offers a treatment program to stop or reduce the harms of alcohol, drug, and medication use. The CASA Center offers, in 28-day accommodation, closed therapy that takes into account best practices in addiction treatment. The support is provided by a team of professionals and aims to bring a balance of life and greater autonomy. [https://www.centrecasa.qc.ca/single-post/toxicomanie-alcoolisme]
>External consultations: The CASA Center offers outpatient services to support you in your choice to stop or reduce the harms of alcohol, drugs, medication, gambling, and online addiction. Individual or group follow-ups are possible, as well as for your loved ones. We invite you to make a request so that we can guide you to the service that will suit your needs. [https://www.centrecasa.qc.ca/single-post/therapie-consultation-externe]
>Post-therapy follow-up: The customer will resume his services with TSO.

Health methodologies
Psychosocial intervention, Art Therapy, Workshop/Presentations, Educational Program
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>Workshops adapted to the needs of the clientele, group meetings (two “uniform” workshops per week), individual meetings.
>Respite service: daily follow-up meetings, progress notes, contacts with the referent, group activities (optional), support book, supervision by a clinical team regarding the routine of sleep, physical activity and ‘food.
>Resourcing service and Regular program: personalized schedule, individual support, education, growth and therapy workshops, art therapy workshops, conferences, activities focused on health, community life.
>Motivational interview and post-therapy follow-up
>External consultations: assessment of the situation, regular meetings, information on addictions, active search for solutions, activities to experience change.

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