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Mélanie Bédard
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Canada, Quebec (QC)
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>After a 21 year career as a police officer, I have a very good understanding of what it is to intervene in emergency services and all that it implies. I have a background in helping people, having initiated the Emotional Support Dog project for victims of crime.
>Web Coaching: By working on fears, limiting beliefs, shadow areas, self-sabotage, self-critical thoughts, this helps to avoid or prevent going further in the downward spiral process. I help people become aware of their self-sabotage and procrastination patterns so that they can take action and achieve their goals. Coaching focuses on the awareness necessary for change, on optimizing the resources within the person, on problem solving, on reaching goals with an action plan to improve quality of life and well-being.
>I am not an emergency intervention service. In coaching, we refer people with psychological distress and suffering to psychologists or other professionals who are qualified to intervene and treat mental health problems. On the other hand, coaching is complementary to the interventions of specialists by working on the management of emotions, fears, limiting beliefs and self-critical thoughts. We help relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety or PTSD, but we do not treat or cure these diagnoses.

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Emotional Freedom technique, Neurolinguistic Programming
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>At each meeting, I ask the client to evaluate their mood to see if there is an improvement each week. We do a mid and end of course review to see the progress and what remains to be worked on.

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