Crossroads for Women Inc. / Carrefour pour Femmes Inc.
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In person
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P.O. Box 1247 Moncton, New Brunswick (NB) E1C 8P9
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Cecilia Watt
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Canada, New Brunswick (NB)
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New Brunswick (NB)
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Women, LGBTQ2+ individuals
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Talklines/Warmlines, Sexual Assault Center
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>Crisis Line: Our toll free Crisis Line has a trained staff member available 24/7. Staff is available to talk about what is happening in your relationship and to help you create a safety plan to help remove your self from domestic violence.
>Child and Youth Support Program: commits to introducing education and early intervention for children and youth who witness and/or are victims of violence.
>Family Violence Crisis Centre: offers crisis intervention, and support services to victims of violence, 24/7. The Crisis Centre offers one on one counseling to women who may not be able to communicate safely by phone or are more comfortable speaking to someone in person. Please contact the Crisis Line for the Crisis Centre location at 1-844-853-0811.
>Transition House: is a shelter that offers safe temporary emergency housing to women and children who are victims of domestic violence. Women and children are able to stay at the transition house until they are able to secure safe housing for themselves, with the help of onsite staff. Emergency housing is available and staffed 24/7. While staying at the transition house women and children are able to access a number of resources with the help of our trained staff.
>South East Sexual Assault Centre: The centre offers free, confidential specialized sexual assault violence services, including crisis and long-term support, both in person and through our 24-hour crisis line; hospital, court and police accompaniment, one on one support, and information and referrals to other community agencies. We also provide support for families and close friends of survivors when needed.
>Blossom House: Blossom House is a long-term affordable and supportive housing program for women who are struggling with mental health, addiction, and domestic violence.
>Second Stage: is a 1 year supportive and affordable housing program available to women and children who are experiencing domestic violence.
>Community Outreach program: is a support service available to victims of violence and/or sexual assault. Outreach workers help empower victims by providing resources, advocacy, and one on one support in areas that you feel you need support in.

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Relocation Assistance
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Trauma-informed Approach, Crisis management
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>Trauma-informed approach that is sensitive to the individual needs of survivors, as we adapt our services to meet the needs of this diverse community. Blossom House follos the housing first guidelines.
>Second Stages’ top priorities are to create a safe environment for single women and families to work on creating and fostering independence for women leaving domestic violence. Women are paired with an Outreach Worker who helps support them in any way needed to help create their newfound independence.

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