ENSEMBLE Services Greater-Grand Moncton
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In person
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80 rue Weldon, Moncton, New Brunswick (NB) E1C 5V8
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Deborah Warren
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Canada, New Brunswick (NB), Southeastern New Brunswick, Moncton
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New Brunswick (NB)
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Southeastern New Brunswick
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Substance abuser
Health, Organizational/Community/International Services
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Information Services
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Substance Use Disorder Services
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Assessment for Substance Use Disorders, Substance Use Disorder Education/Prevention, Supportive Substance Use Disorder Services, Support to family, Distribution of resources for substance use disorder
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Information and Referral
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>Programs and/or services are provided in relation to substance use: 1)Provide education on addictions; 2)Support to family & friends; 3)Support/referrals to people who use substances; 4)Training on overdose prevention & naloxone administration; 5)Best practices on reducing harms of substance use education for people who use substances, health care and service providers.
>Distribute resources such as needles/syringes, alcohol swabs, cookers, inhalation kits, etc. free of charge to people who use substances.
>Nurse Practitioner onsite to provide primary health care.
>Based on community network of ENSEMBLE, we are able to refer clients to services as needed. We are also able to meet them where they are at in their journey of addictions, providing education on harm reducing practices.
>We can conduct housing in-take assessments to connect to community resources.
>Provide referral service to community services and assist with follow up.

Health methodologies
Harm Reduction approach
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>All services and programs are delivered based on harm reduction principle.
>We record data to clients’ files to assess situation as it evolves and informs need for future referrals.

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New Brunswick (NB)
New Brunswick Forums

>Contract with an external evaluator who uses perdetermined indicators/outputs as per programs/services to determine if outcomes are met. Participatory involvement of clients is part of the process.
>We do maintain data records with respect to support/referrals so we can monitor and enhance service to clients.
>We do maintain data records of interactions with clients to review and assess programs & services.

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