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Our organization provides a digital platform and app for first responder organizations that help them disseminate information, resources, and manage their internal and/or external peer support teams to assist their employees and their families.

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231 Red River Road, Thunder Bay, Ontario (ON) P7B 1A7
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Nik Fiorito
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Canada, Ontario (ON)
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>FRMH is the creator of PeerConnect, a mobile app and digital platform allowing organizations to put wellness resources and peer support access into the hands of their employees and their families.
>PeerConnect is a peer support management system that organizations use to dispatch and follow up with their peer support and clinical teams. Access to peer support, crisis intervention hotlines, internal and external clinicians, and other modalities can be found in an organization’s version of PeerConnect.
>It is up to each organization that uses the PeerConnect system to decide how they will accommodate stabilization activities.
>PeerConnect features links and numbers of several Recovery and Reintegration services, but keep in mind each organization that utilizes PeerConnect can choose which resources to include or omit.

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Peer Support, Mobile application
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>Each client organization we work with uses the PeerConnect platform to disseminate their wellness and mental health resources, as well as manage their internal and external peer support teams.
>Our primary use-case is for peer support team management and dispatch. Clinical resources and linking are also available.
>Each organization that uses PeerConnect chooses how to display the information and resources available to their members.

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>PeerConnect provides client organizations with a robust and anonymized reporting engine to allow them to view data, track trends, and better respond to the needs of their employees.
>We provide organizations with robust reporting tools and metrics to allow them to further understand how to support their membership.
>PeerConnect allows organizations to review and export data related to their programming.

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