Fondation Le Balancier / The Pendulum Foundation
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54 route Monseigneur Bourget, Lévis, Quebec (QC) G6V 6S3
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Guy Riel
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Canada, Quebec (QC)
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Quebec (QC)
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Mental Health Support Services, Rehabilitation/Habilitation Services
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Service Animal Purchase/Training Assistance
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Therapy Referrals, Peer Support Services
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>Our three pillars are assistance dogs (regulation), entrepreneurship and mental health (training and standardization).
>Our specialization is intervention and assistance in accessing services (uses of the 5 stages of recovery and crisis intervention).
>The 5 stages of recovery are in place to have a follow-up of a pair with similar life experience. The client is linked with a peer helper throughout his recovery.

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Service Animals, Peer Support, The 5 stages of recovery, Sentinel approach
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>Our training is a unique creation with We will be providing 5 stages of Recovery training for Service Officers and Peer Helpers in our network.
>Sentinel Method.

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Quebec (QC)
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Québec, Sherbrooke, Montréal, Gatineau, Saguenay

>According to the matrices of our various communication platforms of our organization (i.e., we use the contact and traffic matrix of our sites).
>The health of the limb and its implication in its recovery.

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