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>The Quebec Veterans Foundation is a charitable organization that supports programs aimed at helping veterans in their transition to civilian life in Quebec. Our organization is spreading its wings and participating in promising programs that meet the needs of veterans with an Operational Stress Injury (OSI), such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), homelessness and veterans in long-term care at Ste. Anne’s Hospital.
>BFLF Women Veterans Program: This program is proud to offer an innovative assistance program exclusively for women veterans, whose main objective is to meet their specific needs. Through this initiative, we hope to help reduce the rate of isolation and suicide among women veterans by encouraging organizations to offer resources adapted to their unique needs. When transitioning to civilian life, women veterans need access to a support system that fits their reality. []
>Long-Term Care for Veterans at Ste. Anne’s Hospital: Today, 110 veterans reside at Ste. Anne’s Hospital in long-term care for whom we offer therapeutic activities, to counter isolation and stimulate cognitive activities, such as pet therapy, art projects, humor and musicography. Social activities (bingo, concerts, games, etc.) are also regularly offered. []
>Operational Stress Injury (OSI and Pain Management Clinics) at Ste. Anne’s Hospital: There are two outpatient clinics treating operational stress injuries: the primary is located at Ste. Anne’s Hospital and the other is a satellite office located in Longueuil. In addition, veterans with OSIs have access to the only residential clinic in Canada, located at Ste. Anne’s Hospital. []
>Old Brewery Mission: is an ambitious program to counter homelessness among veterans. The ambitious program “Sentinels of the Street” aims to counter homelessness among veterans by providing food, shelter and the psychosocial support needed to help them rebuild and, ultimately, reintegrate into their communities. The Foundation is a major pillar of this program and is committed to participating financially until 2021. []

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>In addition to funding the wellness services offered to veterans residing in long-term care at Ste. Anne’s Hospital, the Quebec Veterans Foundation supports organizations offering services and direct activities to veterans residing in Quebec, experiencing challenges during their transition to civilian life.
>Applications are assessed regularly by the Quebec Veterans Foundation team. Recommendations are then communicated to the Board of Directors of the Foundation for final approval. Additional information and meetings may be requested to complete a file. Funding will be authorized if the subject of the applicant is considered favourable by all the administrators, the community, and if the submitted file is complete.

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