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We provide support exclusively to first responders and first responder families, meaning that first responders can attend here in privacy and confidence away from the public. The entirety of our team has direct frontline experience in addition to their mental health designation. In addition to the first responder groups noted above, we also provide support to the broader range of first responders and health professionals, including the above as well as communications and corrections officers, nurses, physicians, etc.

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Lori Gray
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Canada, Ontario (ON)
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Ontario (ON)
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Mental Health Assessment and Treatment, Mental Health Support Services
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Psychotherapy Services, Crisis intervention
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Early Intervention for Mental Illness, Mental Health Information/Education, Therapy Referrals, Mental Health Intervention Programs, Individual Counselling, Family Counselling
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>Frontline Resilience provides support throughout the continuum of care from prevention, to the immediate aftermath of traumatic events, and continued care for first responders. This includes the broad range of operational stress injuries along with other personal and professional goals. Through partnerships with several emergency services across Ontario, Frontline Resilience has expertise in the development, implementation, and oversight of comprehensive mental health programs for first responders that emphasize early intervention and promote recovery. Services are provided for first responders across Ontario, spanning as far north as the arctic circle, through a combination of onsite support, remote services, and local support. Together these experiences have gleaned an in depth appreciation of the working environment and mental health challenges faced by first responders across urban, rural, and remote settings.

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Prolonged exposure Therapy, Crisis management, Post-Traumatic Growth Approach
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>Psychometric assessment at intake and recurrently through treatment as well as program performance measures.
>Early intervention
>Crisis intervention
>Risk assessment and intervention
>Short-term psychotherapy, Long-term psychotherapy
>Sleep assessment and intervention
>Pharmacological assessment and intervention
>Relapse prevention
>Return to recovery
>Supportive care

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Ontario (ON)
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