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>Educational Programs – Gentle Path offers many Educational Programs for children and adults which range from one day long to six weeks in duration. We are able to provide information on a one-on-one basis or to groups about any of the mental health disorders including post-traumatic stress disorder. We also can share important information related to interpersonal communication skills. We are also able to provide information about the nature of counselling and therapy itself- what to expect, how to make the best use of the therapeutic process, as well as the rights and responsibilities of the client.
>We are able to provide crises, career, life transition and trauma therapy (for post traumatic stress disorder or acute stress disorder) that address issues veterans and first responders typically face. Typical issues include : substance abuse; family violence issues; relationship counselling; helping them decide how to cope with stress in their current job or occupation; deciding whether to take a break from their work and for how long; deciding whether to stay or leave their current job or occupation; coming up with return-to-work strategies if needed; deciding on and implementing strategies to make the transition to civilian life or an alternative occupation or lifestyle; anger; depression and anxiety; grief and loss; self-esteem; body image; cultural identity; gender identity.
>We provide crises counselling, including intervention with people who are actively suicidal.
>We take a person-in-environment perspective that helps first responders identify supports in their environment that can be helpful – family members, friends, colleagues, groups, organizations and services as well as cultural/cross-cultural or spiritual supports.
>Counselling includes preparing people for termination of counselling services so that recovery and reintegration can occur when counselling is no longer needed. Counselling meetings can be spaced for longer periods of time with an invitation for clients to return if the need presents itself.

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