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>K9CI is an independent Service Dog Training and accreditation Program. Enhance the lives of people with disabilities in Canada through education and quality dog training and creating standards of training and testing throughout Canada through the accomplishment of the following activities.
>Raise funds for dog training and equipment that will support training and placement of service dogs with people with disabilities.
>Create and implement educational programs to raise awareness and understanding of the role of a service dog in their community.
>Provide health professionals with knowledge, skills and confidence so that they can effectively assess their clients and prescribe Service Dogs to their patients.
>Provide First Responders and facilities with Service dogs: Service Dogs Training, Accreditation and Evaluation, Therapy Dogs, Autism Dogs

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>Service Dog Training: Provide a unique trainer-assisted owner trained service dog and support program that involves dog training and peer support from other dog handlers who are going through similar situations.
>Service Dog Accreditation: Our program certification exam is a two-day test that includes obedience, task work, public access, and outdoor manners. We observe each team we test under specific criteria, such as teamwork, critical decision making, and interacting with the public to name a few.
>Service Dog Evaluation: If you have a dog of your own and you are wondering if he/she would be eligible for service work, an evaluation will be required for your dog to be considered. We look at age, temperament, health, personality and work ethic when considering a service dog.

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