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1800 Rang Sud-Est, La Bostonnais, Quebec (QC) XXX XXX
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François Girard
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Canada, Quebec (QC)
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Quebec (QC)
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>By 2024, a rehabilitation center for post-traumatic shock syndrome in the heart of nature. Currently under construction, the center is located in La Bostonnais, Mauricie. We are a charitable organization, a rehabilitation center for post-traumatic shock syndrome and physical injuries due to their service.
*The service offer will be updated as soon as the center opens.
>With the support of specialized medical personnel and volunteers, we will offer the following services: Dispensary, Infirmary, Psychiatry, Psychology, Social worker, Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Ortho therapy, Massage therapy, Zootherapy, Horticultural therapy, Sylvotherapy, As well as outdoor activities (e.g. therapeutic fishing, ATV riding and snowmobile excursions).

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Kinesiotherapy, Physical Therapy, Horticultural Therapy, Wilderness Therapy Programs, Mental Health Halfway Houses
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>The Center will consolidate all services in one location, facilitating recovery, where beneficiaries can recharge their batteries while on their journey to find peace and quiet.
>Housing: Beneficiaries will be housed upon arrival in self-contained mini-homes located on a 1km square lot and will have scheduled appointments with a liaison officer who will determine their housing needs and guide them to the appropriate professionals.
>Length of stay: Stays will last from one weekend to three months depending on the needs of the recipient.

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Quebec (QC)
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