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6833 avenue de l'Épée, Montréal, Quebec (QC) H3N 2C7
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Patrice Beaudoin
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Canada, Quebec (QC), Montréal, Montréal
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Quebec (QC)
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Mental Health Support Services, Substance Use Disorder Services, Rehabilitation/Habilitation Services
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Substance Use Disorder Education/Prevention, Substance Use Disorder Treatment Programs, Supportive Substance Use Disorder Services, Support to family, Addiction Recovery Programs
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Outpatient Care
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Individual Counselling, Conjoint Counselling
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>Workplace training: La Bouée House offers a series of workplace conferences or workshops to better understand the realities of the disease of addiction. Several themes can be addressed according to the employer’s needs:
>Addiction prevention
>Better understanding the causes of addiction
>Intervention with an addicted person
>We also offer a first-line intervention service in which we become a confidential reference that the employer or more precisely the human resources department can use.
>Weekend thematic intensives
>We are not a crisis center but an outpatient recovery center in multiple addiction.
>12 week outpatient therapy
>Relapse prevention program (12 weeks)
>Individual and couple therapy meetings
>12-month outpatient aftercare

Health methodologies
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Rational Emotive Therapy, Workshop/Presentations, Educational Program
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>Thematic group workshops
>Individual meeting
>Humanistic, cognitive behavioral approach
>Based on the 12 step program of Alcoholics Anonymous
>Mixed therapeutic approach (humanistic, behavioral, emotional-rational, transactional analysis)
>Contact between participants (therapeutic community) which reinforces the motivation to pursue recovery.

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Quebec (QC)
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>Follow-up by email and/or phone after treatment to validate.
>Email and/or phone call to validate after completing one of our programs.

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