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>The Comox MFRC is a registered non-profit organization that works to provide relevant, high quality programs and services for military members and their families in the Comox Valley. Our vision is “Military families will thrive”. We have a core of professional staff and many volunteers who deliver a diverse range of programs to meet the broad needs of the military community we serve. The list of services and activities below is not exhaustive. Please Follow us on our Facebook page or contact us for more information about our services.
>Welcome Briefings: We offer personalized welcome information sessions to military members and their families. Our Community Information and Referral Coordinator will work with each member of the community and provide a personalized list of resources or referrals that will be unique to each person. Community members are welcome to contact us so that we can help them orient themselves in local services.
>Youth Services Department: The Youth Services Department offers various programs for school-aged children that take place in our Youth Activity Center, known as “MOX”. Youth Services programs aim to enable children to be children in a fun and safe environment. Throughout the year, we offer many programs, including evenings for different age groups, activities during the pedagogical days of the school board # 71, as well as leadership workshops, summer camp and several others. All of our “MOX” programs are open to young military and civilian personnel.
>Volunteer Services: The Comox MFRC provides quality programs, events, services and resources to the military community through the dedication and commitment of our volunteers.
>Military members, civilians, veterans, spouses and adolescents are encouraged to volunteer. Come join our team, get involved and make a difference in your community.
>Childcare Services
>Kinnikinnik Licensed Childcare: Kinnikinnik Daycare and the 19 Wing Family Center provide child care services for infants and children up to the age of 5. Full-time and part-time spaces are available in the Infant and Toddler Care (4 months to 35 months) and Early Learning English (3 to 5 years) programs.
>19 Wing Family Centre: The 19 Wing Family Center is a satellite of the Early Years Center. Come visit us and find out about the resources available in the Comox Valley for children from birth to age 6 or visit
>Kinnikinnik Out of School Program: The Kinnikinnik After School Program is located at “Airport Elementary” in Classroom 1. We provide before and after school care and child care on PD days. The program is offered from September to June and is closed during the spring, summer and winter school vacations of School Board # 71.
>Mental Health First Aid Veteran Community: This evidence-based course teaches participants to identify, understand and respond to signs of an emerging mental health crisis. Participants will gain a solid understanding of the five basic gestures of the AÉRIE model.
>Road to Mental Readiness (R2MR): If your military spouse is away or is currently away on a deployment overseas or at home, this workshop will help you understand the ups and downs of deployment and how to best organize yourself during a family separation. By appointment Virtual – By Zoom or in person at the deployment office FREE
>Second Language Training
>Lending Library: The Deployment Services library is stocked with books and resources on deployment, peer support, family support, children’s books, and a variety of novels. The MFRC also has other collections, to support you in all of your experiences as a military family. Borrowing is free and easy!
>Coffee Connections: Join the Community Engagement team for a virtual session to learn new things and connect with other military families. A new project every month, September to June! Registration required.
>Emergency Support Services: The goal of the AUOF policy is to provide families with the level of support needed in an emergency. If you find yourself in an emergency situation and need support (e.g., emergency child care, mental health support, family obligations, etc.), call the Information Line. for Families (LIF) at 1-800-866-4546 or your MFRC to speak to one of the representatives.
>Prevention, Support and Intervention Service: Our prevention, support and intervention social workers can offer short-term counseling. You will be able to discuss with him the problems and challenges you may be facing. It will help you look at these issues and challenges from different angles and explore ways to deal with your situation and / or make a difference in a safe and supportive environment. Information and referrals to local community supports can also be provided to help with mental health and well-being. Services provided by our Comox MFRC social workers are free and confidential to military family members who may be seeking individual, relationship and / or family support.
>Family Liaison Officer: The Family Liaison Officer (FAM) provides counseling and support to CAF families facing illness, injury or special needs. The officer, located at the MFRC and the CAF Transition Center supports families and responds to their needs, advocating and helping them navigate and access programs and services that are relevant. The ALF offers support to family members in crisis, short-term assistance, support in the transition to civilian life. It also offers psycho-educational programs and referrals to relevant service providers.
>Family Support During Separation and Reintegration (Deployment): We provide a variety of services and activities to CAF families during duty-related absences. We can offer support to anyone designated by the member or to self-identifying family individuals. This includes family members who live in the region or elsewhere in Canada. Our services are voluntary and confidential.
>Deployment Dinner: Are you experiencing a CAF work-related absence? So, we offer you a meal! In fact, during the COVID-19 pandemic we can deliver a meal to your home!
>Veteran Family Program: The position of Veteran Family Program Coordinator is a national position in all MFRCs across Canada. This service is intended to assist medically released CAF Veterans and their families during their transition to civilian life. The coordinator will support and help these families navigate and access relevant programs and services in the community. The coordinator will also follow up with families to ensure that services are used and meet their needs. It will also provide ongoing support to families as needed. If you are a medically released CAF member, or CAF Veteran, the Veteran Family Program Coordinator is there for you and your family with resources to help you make the transition to the community. civil.
>Shifting Gears Program: Shifting Gears is an interactive course designed to assist military families on medical parole. This program helps participants more effectively establish their roles, routines and relationships as they take the leap into new life. Modules include: welcoming change, letting go, moving on, starting new.

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>The methodologies depend on each stakeholder and service. The stakeholders are mainly members of professional orders or provincial associations (social workers and guidance counselors, specialized educators).
>Staff trained in crisis intervention and intervention with suicidal people in order to be able to ensure the first contact and then direct to the appropriate services for care.
>Support in episodes of services anchored in a community approach favoring the linking of resources and multiple services according to needs.
>Approach aimed at maintaining learning.

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>A satisfaction survey is completed following the activities and services provided.

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