Centre de ressources pour les familles militaires Valcartier / Valcartier Military Family Resource Centre
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Maude Arsenault
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>The Valcartier Military Family Resources Centre (VMFRC) is a community organization, governed by military families, which welcomes and supports individuals and their families from their integration into the military community until their reintegration into the civilian community. At the heart of the military community of Eastern Quebec, the VMFRC acts by recognizing their unique experiences as members of the community while supporting their power to act. The list of services and activities below is not exhaustive. Please Follow us on our Facebook page or contact us for more information about our services.

>Mental health training/workshops: Mental health first aid (training): through MHCC, provide primary mental health or crisis assistance. Compassionate Fatigue (workshop): Information, prevention, strategies and resources. Snowdrop group: for parents experiencing perinatal grief. Offered in collaboration with L’Association les Perséides, perinatal bereavement support.

>Training/workshops for the family: Triple P Conferences: Positive Parenting Practices. Prenatal classes: offered to future parents to prepare for the reception of their new baby. Welcome baby: pre and post natal meeting to offer perinatal support and resources.

>Training/workshops on military reality: Community awareness of the military reality: training offered free of charge by the CRFMV to civilian organizations.

>Documentation and information services: Documentation center: internet access, fax, photocopy, telephone, documentation on orientation and job search. Health Guide: document used to better understand and find the health services offered in the Quebec City region. OSI manifestation and the family: backgrounder for families with a member suffering from an operational stress injury. Veteran Family Journal: A tool with a wealth of useful information on release, worksheets and a long-term care plan for the family

>Volunteering and Community Activities: Implication bénévole ponctuelle ou au sein d’un comité régulier. Chaque comité ayant un mandat différent.

>Employment assistance and orientation services: Reception service and referrals for clients seeking employment, returning to school, job retention, professional reintegration and pre-employability project. Life project workshop: for veterans who are volunteers and motivated to build a life project oriented towards their interests in order to update themselves as a person. Life After Uniform (Training): Mourning Military Life and Transition for Veterans. Second language courses: French or English, in class and / or online. Continuum Entreprises: training on key skills and support for integration and job retention, employer-employee liaison. ENVOL: Support and mutual aid network for self-employed workers.

>Individual guidance counseling support: for a return to school or work and job search strategies.

>Support and procedures for applying for financial assistance or emergency funds (Emploi-Québec, back-to-school grant, employment insurance, etc.).

>Job fair at the CFV: once a year, in the spring, the CRFMV invites some thirty employers, Salon des artisants and self-employed workers and Information sessions on the federal public service hiring process.

>Atelier Maman returns to work: preparation for returning to work after parental leave or an absence from the labor market.

>Supervision of remote school exams: neutral physical place, controlled by a professional and according to the requirements of the school.

>Services for children and adolescents: Friends 101 workshop: intended for young people aged 8 to 12 to develop healthy friendships. Le jardin des petits/The little resourceful: socialization groups for children from 2 to 5 years old. Le Repaire youth club: gathering place for young people from 12 to 17 years old with stakeholders so that they can socialize with other young people in a safe place. Youth COOP: dog walking, guarding, lawn mowing, indoor / outdoor maintenance, snow removal in small areas. Community room, Parent-child room and Daycare center.

>Mental Health: Psychosocial services: reception, evaluation, follow-up, support in helping relationships, individual, couple or family meetings. MindBEACON therapy online (in partnership with La Patrie engraved on the heart): online cognitive-behavioral therapy to address symptoms of depression, anxiety, panic disorder or sleep problems.

>Physical health (fees may apply): Telemedicine: remote medical consultation service Nursing/vaccination/doctor clinic: consultations and services sporadically. Emergency assistance for family obligations: day care service for children aged 0 to 17 to support families in the event of an emergency. Among other things, to support during an absence in connection with military operations. *An evaluation by a worker is mandatory to determine eligibility.

>Family services: OSI (group): spouses of soldiers / veterans with an OSI. E=MC3: Together to Better Understand (workshop): workshop for families whose parent is living with an operational stress injury.

>Veterans Family Program: support medicaly released veterans and theirs families in the transition to civilian life. Reception, evaluation, internal or external referral, support, information. Parent-child groups/Fathers-children group: support and socialization workshop for parents and their children / for fathers and their children. Strongest Families Institute: distance parental coaching program, self-learning followed by telephone meetings with a counselor, based on cognitive-behavioral therapy.

>Services for children: Atelier Billy: stress management for children 8-12 years old. Friends who share and help each other (workshop): workshop for children aged 7 to 11 who have lived through separation from their parents.

>Transition services: Life After the Uniform (workshop): Mourning Military Life and Transition for Veterans. Healthy communication (training): in partnership with Promo Santé, healthy management of personal and professional conflicts. Live Life to the Full (workshop): by CMHA, method to learn to face the challenges of life. Personalized support during the move: managing emotions, managing stress, preparing for changes, talking to children, documentation. Café découverte: various fun workshops aimed at community integration.

Health methodologies
Mental Health First Aid, Applied Suicide Intervention Skills, Psychosocial intervention, Stress management, Family Psychoeducation, Peer Support, Workshop/Presentations, Educational Program, Blog, podcasts, invited talks, Crisis management, Suicide risk assessment, Evidence based practices, SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely) Goals
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Public Access Computers/Tools, Specialized Information and Referral, Return to Work program, Family Liaison Officer
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>The methodologies depend on each stakeholder and service. The stakeholders are mainly members of professional orders or provincial associations (social workers and guidance counselors, specialized educators).
>Staff trained in crisis intervention and intervention with suicidal people in order to be able to ensure the first contact and then direct to the appropriate services for care.
>Support in episodes of services anchored in a community approach favoring the linking of resources and multiple services according to needs.
>Approach aimed at maintaining learning.

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Quebec (QC)
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>A satisfaction survey is completed following the activities and services provided.

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