Military Veterans Wellness Program
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To teach law enforcement agencies / officers how to de-escalate a veteran in crisis and to get them connected with Veterans Affairs Canada, The Royal Canadian Legion and OSISS.
To teach law enforcement officers about military / veteran culture and veteran specific challenges experience when returning home from war and transitioning back to civilian life.

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Toronto Police Service, Toronto, Ontario (ON) M6A 2T9
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Jeremy Burns
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Anywhere the program has been adopted by law enforcement agencies
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Canada, Ontario (ON), Toronto Region, Toronto
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Ontario (ON)
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Etobicoke, Mississauga, Scarborough, Toronto, Other
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Persons with a mobility disability, Women, LGBTQ2+ individuals, Military sexual trauma survivors, Indigenous, CAF Reservists, Part-time/Volunteer
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Military Service, Organizational Support
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Support to family, Addiction Recovery Programs, Addiction Support Group
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Social Services for Military Personnel, Armed Forces Emergency Services, Military Transition Assistance Programs, CF Health Services, CF Member Assistance Program
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Life Transition Services
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Counselling Services, Peer Counselling
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Military Veterans Wellness Program is set up to connect Veterans and their families to Veterans Affairs Canada, the Royal Canadian Legion and OSISS who all provide some or all of the above listed services.

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Ontario (ON)
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Kingston, Ottawa, North Bay, Thunder Bay, Hamilton, Toronto, London, Windsor
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