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The Office of Community Inclusion (OCI) is a service that helps the City examine, develop and implement inclusive practises, policies and programs.

Given the pressing social issues that our community is facing, particularly in the need for affordable housing, mental health supports, combating racism, and other social inequities, the City wishes to collaborate with civil society and the other levels of government to do our part in addressing these issues.

The OCI:

Liaises with City staff and community leaders to work on equity-seeking solutions, such as convening stakeholder groups to tackle issues, supporting existing community initiatives that empower persons at risk of exclusion, and reviewing the City’s way of operating with the direct input of those who experience barriers to services and opportunities.
Offers expertise and consultation to internal partners at the City of Fredericton, especially when their work intersects with inclusion and community concerns.
Acts as the conduit for community representatives to provide lenses of inclusion, diversity and equity, mainly through the social inclusion committee and other formal mechanisms of public engagement; and
Co-ordinates and develops the initiatives that fall within the scope of work of the Canadian Coalition of Inclusive Municipalities, of which Fredericton is now a signatory.
The main objectives of the OCI for 2021-2022 are:

the creation and support of an anti-racism task force;
the creation and support of a social inclusion committee;
the development of a social inclusion plan to complement the land use content in the next version of the Municipal Plan; and
establishing the CIO in the eyes of the community as a key partner in the local environment of agencies and organisations working in social inclusion, diversity and equity.
The OCI will act as the conduit for community representatives to provide those lenses of inclusion, diversity and equity, mainly through the social inclusion committee and other formal mechanisms of public engagement.

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397 Queen Street, Fredericton, New Brunswick (NB) E3B 1B5
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Graham Nickerson
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