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>We provide presentations to organizations as requested to show our services and the extent of the damage that OSI’s (Occupational Stress Injury) such as PTSD can inflict.
>We are a part of committees that exist to plan and prepare for and improve services to those suffering from an OSI.
>We provide input to the SK WCB (Saskatchewan Worker’s Compensation Board) to improve their services to those with an OSI as their past practices do not provide much in the way of mental health therapy.
>We provide intentional peer support for those dealing with OSI as well as peer support for adult family members.
>Additionally, we provide assistance for the acquisition of service dogs.
>Our equine-assisted therapy program is delivered every Sunday, while our Healing with Horses Retreat is a weekend event delivered during the warmer months.
>We provide financial assistance for counselling towards public safety personnel who do not have adequate coverage such as volunteer firefighters.
>Once we are contacted by the person in crisis or their family we provide a local person to introduce them to OSI-CAN and our services such as Peer Groups, Equine Therapy, Qualified Counselors, etc. That local person is often qualified in suicide intervention (A.S.I.S.T.) and peer counseling, and has ‘lived experience’ in the issues being felt by the veteran or first responder or public safety personnel that is in crisis.
>We provide hope through the interaction of those with lived experience. We provide support and referrals to supports for both the person in crisis as well as their family.
>We provide ongoing services and support that also includes recovery and reintegration.

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Service Animals, Equine Facilitated Therapy, Peer Support, Workshop/Presentations
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>We apply an evidence-based coverage for our methodologies which are varied according to the needs of the client and the skills of the person we provide to supply support to the patient.

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>We have used surveys and other forms of feedback but the majority of our services are evidence-based which are studies already done that prove our methodologies are sound and proven.
>We use evidence-based methodologies that have already been studied and shown to be effective.

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