Peter McKee Food Centre / Dépôt alimentaire Peter McKee
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In person
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330 MacNaughton Avenue, Moncton, New Brunswick (NB) XXX XXX
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Heather Richards
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Canada, New Brunswick (NB), Southeastern New Brunswick, Moncton
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New Brunswick (NB)
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Southeastern New Brunswick
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Emergency Food, Meals
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>We provide assistance with obtaining food for individuals who demonstrate a need.
>If an individual identifies that they are homeless, we provide them with items that do not have to be cooked. Also, if an individual states that they are unable to wait for an appointment to obtain food, we will supply them with an emergency order to hold them over until their appointment time.
>Our service is available anytime it is needed. We have individuals who access our services bi-weekly and have done so for a long period of time. Others use access for the length of time they need assistance. Individuals are always invited to contact us if their needs change and they require assistance in the future.

Food Services Methodologies
Food Distribution Lines , Community Meals, Homeless Meals
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>Needs are based on the financials vs expenses of a household.
>Intakes are completed to evaluate each client’s needs
>Based on need, clients can either access the Food Centre every two weeks or once a month. Anyone who does not qualify, based on financials vs expenses can meet with the manager, at this time, the manager will determine if the client will have access to the Food Centre.

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New Brunswick (NB)
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>Our intake form asks individuals if they are veterans ( some choose not to disclose). We maintain stats on different identifies.
>We maintain stats on all individuals accessing our services.
>We use a stats report that indicates, new individuals as well as how many individuals have been served during the month.

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