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C.P. 5681, Sainte-Julie, Quebec (QC) J3E 1X5
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Richard LeBlond
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Canada, Quebec (QC)
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Quebec (QC)
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>We offer physical and virtual self-help groups as well as more in-depth anxiety disorder self-management workshops to empower people with anxiety, phobias and obsessive disorders.
>Our organization helps people and not specific groups. Anyone living with an anxious problem of whatever origin can use our services implemented by support groups. The process is individual and our groups are completely confidential. We are also recognized by the Ministry of Health and Social Services. Psychologists and psychiatrists regularly refer members to us. The groups are led by natural helpers who are not health professionals. On the other hand, the structure of the meetings is validated by health professionals.
>We also offer Anxiety Self-Management Workshops which are for groups of six to 12 people. 12 workshops documented and designed with the help of health professionals are structured in the manner of Cognitive behavioral therapy, documented and given by a natural caregiver.

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Workshop/Presentations
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>Most of the issues generating anxiety would benefit from attending our support groups. At Phobie-Zero we say, demystify understand and master! Now you are no longer alone!
>Our services encourage people to take charge and invest in their well-being in relation to their anxiety. Phobie-Zero also offers simple tools to improve your quality of life in the face of anxious problem.
>Using simple tools, individuals are called upon to demystify, understand and finally master their anxiety problem.

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Quebec (QC)
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Québec, Sherbrooke, Montréal, Gatineau, Saguenay

>The testimony of members and their recovery proves the effectiveness of our services. Psychologists and psychiatrists refer us regularly. We have also been recognized by the Ministry of Health and Social Services since 2005.
>The satisfaction of the members and the various psycho-social partners.

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