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>PCHS Calgary’s Integrated Holistic Service Delivery Model incorporates a foundational understanding of the differences between South Asian and Western cultures which impact the delivery of social and health care services. This model recognizes South Asian cultural norms of defining illness, acknowledging social problems and seeking resolution, and leverages these to deliver services in a culturally appropriate manner.
>Outreach is an essential component to accessing clients in need of services as some are unaware of the PCHS Calgary and the important services it offers.
>Peer Support Program: Peer Support Volunteers (PSV) are trained volunteers that provide ongoing support to client when formal counselling and case management goals have been addressed. PSV’s often have lived experience in common with their matched client and provide social and emotional support. This non-therapeutic extension of counselling reflects PCHS Calgary’s continuing care model and is a person-centered practice to help empower individuals and families.
>Addiction Peer Support Group
>Sahara Family Case Management Program: Punjabi Community Health Services Calgary provides free and confidential case management and counselling services to the greater Calgary South Asian community.
>Sahara Men’s Domestic Violence Group : psychoeducational program that educates and assists participants by addressing underlying attitudes and beliefs towards domestic violence.
>Sahara Alcohol/Drug Addiction Support Group: aids and supports individual and family members who are addressing problems associated with alcohol and drug addiction.
>Sahara Opioids Addiction Support Group
>Sahara Mental Health and Wellness Group: assists participants in coping with mental health issues and proactively minimizing negative effects by using different strategies and coping mechanisms. Focusing on de-stigmatization, networking, breaking through barriers of isolation, promoting self-worth, understanding mental illness and living to one’s full capacity despite mental health challenges.
>Sahara Women’s Growth Circle: This program is delivered over 14 weeks with one session a week. The aim of this program is to provide women who have experienced domestic violence with support on their journey to healing. Women partake in the process of learning and understanding the implications of domestic violence in a peer setting. Topics include effects of trauma, mindfulness, boundaries, support systems, empathy and resiliency.
>Sahara Relapse Prevention Group: is for all three areas of alcohol, drug and opioid addiction. These groups focus on prevention strategies and recovery, understanding life after addiction, and learning to administer tools to maintain sobriety.

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>Community Outreach has the main objectives of heightening awareness of mental health, addictions, family conflict and domestic violence. Also, increasing an understanding of how to access supports, creating partnerships and identifying the evolving needs within the community.
>Peer Support Program: We are currently matching PSV’s and clients in the areas of: Mental Health, Alcohol Addiction, Opioid Addiction, Family Conflict, Domestic Violence, Social Support.
>Sahara Family Case Management Program: Our model combines applicable services with community and agency collaboration, family counselling, systems navigation and client advocacy. We work with families and other service providers to help facilitate continuity of care and wrap-around services. Flexibility: we provide care when and where it is most accessible to you. We adjust our approach based on your desired outcomes. Cultural Competence: we deeply understanding cultural nuances and the South Asian collective perspective that govern values, behaviours and outcomes. Circle of Care: we connect with your existing support network including other service providers, systems and your family through informed consent to help facilitate complete care.
>Sahara Men’s Domestic Violence Group: PCHS Counsellors provide skills to participants in adopting new ways of resolving conflict and managing anger. Facilitated group discussions provide ongoing support, educational and interactive activities. Topics addressed within this group include Identifying abuse, myths, power and control, equality, the cycle of violence and control, anger management, effects of violence on children, nurturing children, healthy sexuality, effective and non-abusive communication skills.
>Sahara Alcohol/Drug Addiction Support Group: Facilitated group discussions covered within this program include Identifying addiction, addictive disease, physical addiction, personality traits, defense mechanisms, progression and recovery, stages of change, drinking and driving, relapse prevention, and self-awareness.
>Sahara Opioids Addiction Support Group: offers facilitated group discussions providing ongoing support with a specific focus on the nuances of opioids use and the short term and long-term effects, Identifying addiction, opioid use, brain and addiction, addiction and the body, maintenance therapies for opioid addiction, legal consequences, defense mechanisms, self-esteem and confidence, stages of change, relapse prevention and family life are some of the issues addressed in a group environment.
>Sahara Mental Health and Wellness Group: Our Mental Health Program leverages the client strengths to collaboratively develop care plans that help clients move towards their self-identified goals.
>Sahara Women’s Growth Circle: This program aims to empower women and families to live a happy and healthy life after experiencines of domestic violence. The impact of violence on families and children is also addressed.
>Sahara Relapse Prevention Group: Providing clients/families with knowledge on resources, identifying triggers, coping with high-risk situations, managing stress, healthy alternatives and personal engagement in managing the recovery process are highlighted. Participants who have completed the 16-week educational programming or are in addiction recovery are provided an open environment for ongoing support.

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