Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board
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115 24 St E, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (SK) S7K 1L5
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Annette Goski
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Canada, Saskatchewan (SK)
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Saskatchewan (SK)
Health, Income Support and Employment
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Mental Health Assessment and Treatment, Mental Health Support Services, Rehabilitation/Habilitation Services
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Return to work program
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>We develop psychological health and safety resources to help first responders after a claim, also working on prevention initiatives.
>We promote the website/program – used for on line therapy for first responders.
>Reintegration program through EPS – held training session. We host reintegration meetings for employers, who want to implement that program into their organizations.
>Short term program – long term program components
>Our Psych unit is dedicated to working as soon as possible with employers and workers on psych claims. If referrals are urgent we will get them connected to psychologists faster and earlier in the process. They don’t’ need a form mental health assessment before getting them into a program. Our Psych unit staff @WCB have taken suicide prevention training.
>We offer mental health programs for ongoing treatment: 1x per week counselling sessions and 5x per week exercise and goal setting program.
>We may provide funding for counselling once a person goes back to work.
>Reintegration training facilitated by WorkSafe
>Mental health programs
>Vocational rehab services for those with long term – this can include job search benefits and retraining opportunities.

Health methodologies
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Evidence based practices
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>First Responder website:
>Reintegration training brought in by Edmonton Police Services
>Psychological health and safety resource centre on
>First Responder committee holds quarterly meetings – hosted by WorkSafe
>Psych unit at the WCB focused on managing psychological claims, work closely with employers and injured workers
>Based on teaching from intervention courses taken
>Front line staff have taken mental health first aid.
>Methodologies based on approved evidence based practices – ie cognitive therapy.
>Help to facilitate reintegration – which is a program implemented within the employer’s organization.

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Saskatchewan (SK)
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>Measure # of psychological claims and Measure duration of psychological claims for first responders.
>Monitor programs and outcome.
>Overall claims duration.

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