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Mitchel Rayner
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>The service that we have that most encompasses the 3PE program would have to be the Housing First program. Our Housing First workers use a specialized system to identify homeless individuals which balances the individual’s immediate need for housing with the individual’s ability to be housed (the person’s ability to be respectful and peaceful within an apartment setting , for example). After this process, once available housing opens up, such as in our apartments above our office at the John Howard Society, the individual is given the opportunity to be housed. At this point, the goal is that the person’s harmful behaviours and habits begin to reduce because of having a safe living environment. We assess the situation, take indicators into account, we aim to provide relief, and we see successful results in many cases.
>We don’t have specific programs for immediate support Veterans/First Responders, but we have programs that have helped individuals who identify as a Veteran/First Responder. In terms of immediate programs/services, every weekday we provide free lunches in our lobby to anyone who asks for them. We also receive donations from Costco mostly every Monday, which can range from food and refreshments, to clothes and hygienic products.
>At the John Howard, there are many ongoing programs and classes that provide stabilization and support: our GED and Workplace Essential Skills classes provide people with more skills and new opportunities to find work. Also, our more specific programs such as our Anger Management and Domestic Abuse help people come back from a dark period in their life and gain helpful life skills that prevent certain harmful behaviours in the future.
>Our Housing First team combined with our Intensive Case Management team and our peer support team provide many opportunities for recovery reintegration. These teams work with individuals to search for long-term housing, provide helpful services, and provide a general interest and engagement in the well-being and longevity or positive experiences of clients.

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>With the Housing First program, we almost exclusively follow the 3PE system. We assess the individual’s situation, take their indicators into account, we aim to provide relief through housing and services, and we see successful results in many cases.
>Teachers of these courses create detailed lesson plans that are administered to students over the course of many weeks, that gradually build their knowledge and understanding of the subject matter.
>Many specific methodologies have to be taken to provide the best services, but this can vary on the client in question. Maintaining a good report, adhering to confidentiality, and providing immediate services are at the forefront to ensure solid progress with a client.

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>Our Housing First team would especially follow the first phases of 3PE through the systems that determine a person’s need for housing, based on their attitudes and behaviours and their immediate need.
>The teachers of the programs write reports to measure the learning and the progress of their class, and also what strategies would work best for the next class.
>Our workers document their progress with each client, so that they have a relatively constant knowledge of their clients and where they last left off with them, as well as documenting if the client is easily housable.

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