The Lighthouse Supported Living Inc.
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304, 2nd Avenue South, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (SK) S7K 1L1
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Anna Pacik
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Canada, Saskatchewan (SK), Northern Saskatchewan, Saskatoon
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>Lighthouse Mobile Outreach: “The goal of the program is to engage homeless, street-entrenched individuals and develop relationships with the purpose of assisting them in accessing housing and other services including health care, mental health and addictions resources,” says Dennis Bueckert, Director of Client Services at the Lighthouse. “The focus is on where these individuals are in our community and helping them with what they need.
>Managed Alcohol Program (MAP): A supported housing program for vulnerable individuals with substance use issues who would otherwise be homeless and suffering harms associated with prolonged street level alcohol use.The Lighthouse Managed Alcohol Program (MAP) aims to reduce the harmful effects of alcohol use among people who are currently unable to stop using.
>Emergency Shelter: The Lighthouse provides Men’s Emergency Shelter and Women’s Emergency Shelter
>Cameco Community Kitchen: The Lighthouse operates the Cameco Community Kitchen, which provides meals to the wider community, for anybody who is in need of an evening meal.
>Complex Needs Wings: The Lighthouse has seventeen rooms on the first floor of the Dubé Tower that have been set aside for residents with mental health issues in partnership with the Saskatoon Health Region.
>Supported Living: Supported living communities are designed for residents that can live independently, but require some assistance.
>Home again: Home Again is a transitional housing program that is intended to offer a supportive living environment to men and women while giving more independence than they would get while living at The Lighthouse. It gives them the ability to live on their own with independence, but still have a connection to some supports that the Lighthouse has to offer.
>Affordable Housing: On September 1st, 2012, The Lighthouse was proud to open up 58 affordable living suites at 227 20th St E that are an affordable, safe and sustainable place for people to call home.
>Saskatchewan Health Authority Medical Clinic and On-Site Care Team: Nurse practitioners, psychiatric nurse, addictions counsellor, case managers, housing locators, care aide, visiting physician and a visiting psychiatrist.

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>Lighthouse Mobile Outreach: Operating out of a van, mobile outreach workers provide sandwiches, water, toiletry items, and warm clothing in winter, all with the goal of building relationships with street-entrenched, chronically homeless individuals. Immediate goals are to ensure individuals have a safe place to sleep, but the ultimate goal is to see people in appropriate housing or accessing the supports they need to succeed.
>Managed Alcohol Program (MAP): MAP is a Harm Reduction Strategy. MAP provides safe, supported housing for homeless individuals who have been frequent users of emergency services due to the harms associated with chronic alcohol dependence. The program offers the prospect of belonging in a respectful, non-judgmental, communal environment. In addition to other housing support, participants are provided with and administered a medically regulated dose of alcohol at set increments throughout the day. The goal of MAP is to help participants stabilize, gain a sense of community, and improve their quality of life.
>Emergency Shelter: These emergency shelters are for individuals 16 years and older who either have nowhere to call home or their living situation is such that it is safer for them to be in a shelter. Reasons clients may access our shelter services include evictions, financial setbacks, domestic violence, concurrent disorders, addictions, etc. Clients are given a safe place to sleep, a place to store belongings, and supports to help them find employment (if needed) and long-term housing that is safe and sustainable. Using a Housing Plus philosophy, we offer the supports they need to figure out their next steps.
>Cameco Community Kitchen: The Cameco Community Kitchen is open from 5:30pm to 6:30pm on Mondays and Fridays to anyone who is in need of a free meal.
>Complex Needs Wing: As opposed to a traditional care or group home, our seventeen long-term mental health rooms provide a higher degree of independence for our residents, while helping to manage basic daily living activities such as preparing meals, taking care of medications and obtaining basic needs.
>Supported Living: As opposed to a traditional care or group home, supported living communities provide a higher degree of independence for their residents, while helping to manage basic daily living activities such as preparing meals, taking care of medications, and obtaining basic needs that is driven by our Housing Plus philosophy.
>Home again: It is an intermediate step between The Lighthouse and living by themselves. The houses are occupied by Lighthouse residents who have proven that they can live by themselves and function independently, having graduated from our program at The Lighthouse.

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