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2410 Cameron Line, Indian River, Ontario (ON) K0L 2B0
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Jennifer Garland
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Indian River
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>Retreat and Workshop
>Consultations: Free 15 minute telephone meetings are offered to discuss any questions around our approach and logistics.
>In-Person Psychotherapy Sessions: In person sessions are offered on-site at our farm in our beautiful workshop space in a peaceful natural setting. Pandemic safety protocols are in place and all clients are required to wear a face mask while on property. These sessions do NOT include equine therapy.
>Equine Therapy: In person sessions are offered on-site at our farm working with our wonderful herd of horses. Pandemic safety protocols are in place. All clients are required to wear a face mask when on property and interacting with horses. Waiver and release forms must be signed prior to working with our equine partners.
>Equine Wellness for First Responders and Healthcare Frontline: This unique equine experiential learning program is tailored to meet the needs of first responders and healthcare frontline who are experiencing job-related occupational stress injuries — including fire, police, paramedics, social workers, health care professionals, and others working with people experiencing trauma. It is intended to assist you in addressing post-trauma stress and other occupational stress injuries.
>Video Psychotherapy Sessions: Using secure video conferencing software, we will be able to see and hear each other. To engage in a video sessions, you will need a laptop with a Web Cam, high speed internet and a private, quiet environment where you are unlikely to be overheard or interrupted.
>Phone Psychotherapy Sessions: We will connect via telephone. You might prefer this format if you do not have a computer, or would rather meet without a video. To engage in a telephone session, you will need a telephone and a private environment where you are unlikely to be overheard or interrupted.

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>At The Mane Intent, we offer a variety of personal and professional retreats and workshops working in partnership with horses as natural coaches. The fastest and most accurate way to discover who you are and what you are presenting to the world is revealed from interacting with a horse. Their personal feedback often reflected in body language is instant and unbiased. No previous horse experience is required to participate — just an open mind and heart and a willingness to learn and experience the power and wisdom that horses have for us.
>Psychotherapy: Evidence – and strengths-based and trauma-informed.
>Facilitated Equine Expertiential Learning: FEEL™ is a leading edge modality for developing human potential. In experiential interactions with horses, people gain self-knowledge and acquire skills leading to positive changes. FEEL™ is a body of knowledge and a way of co-creating with horses attracting practitioners from all walks of life.

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