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DCs offer instant support and a variety of services to their communities and are a place where you can find a listening ear for anyone who is feeling lonely, depressed, is struggling with suicidal ideation, or who is otherwise in need of support. Most centres operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and may include suicide survivor programs, LGBTQ+ friendly services, support services for youth, telephone call-out programs for seniors and other vulnerable populations, mental health crisis lines, and more.

Our service is virtual and offered through online chat and text.

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PO Box 40115, Ontario (ON) N2J 4V1
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Neta Gear
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Organization email address
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Canada, Ontario (ON)
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Ontario (ON)
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LGBTQ2+ individuals, Other
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Suicide survivors, Youth, Seniors
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Mental Health Support Services
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Therapy Referrals, Talklines/Warmlines, Text Based Counselling Services
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>Distress Centres (DCs) across Ontario offer real-time support and a variety of other services that address the needs of their communities.
>DCs provide their listening and referral services for free, primarily through highly trained and committed volunteers who are knowledgeable individuals who are dedicated to ensuring that the highest levels of support and innovation in service provision are offered to their communities.
>ONTX responders are trained in contacting the appropriate emergency services.
>In everything we do here at Distress and Crisis Ontario (DCO) we aim to provide advocacy for our Members and the distress/crisis sector, training for volunteers and leadership, and to foster networking among Member centres to allow for partnerships and growth among the sector.

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>Online chat and/or text
>Training for volunteers
>Training for crisis management

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Ontario (ON)
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Kingston, Ottawa, North Bay, Thunder Bay, Hamilton, Toronto, London, Windsor

>ONTX measures outcomes of contacts.

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