The Royal Canadian Legion_Manitoba/Northwest Ontario Command / La Légion Royale Canadienne_Direction du Manitoba/N.-O. de l’Ontario
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The Royal Canadian Legion cares for all those who have served our nation. As members, we show our thanks by supporting and advocating for Veterans, by remembering their sacrifices, and by continuing the tradition of service in helping our communities. Our mission is to serve Veterans, including serving military and RCMP members and their families, to promote Remembrance, and to serve our communities and our country.

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563 St. Mary's Road, Manitoba (MB) R2M 3L6
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Dawn Golding
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Organization email address
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Canada, Manitoba (MB)
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Manitoba (MB), Ontario (ON)
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Manitoba (MB), Ontario (ON)
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Northern Ontario
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Military Service
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Social Services for Military Personnel, Military Transition Assistance Programs
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Manitoba (MB)
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