Un cheval pour mieux vivre
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Sandra Villeneuve
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>Through the Peaceful Warrior program, we support victims of post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental health problems to recognize signs of vulnerability, risk factors and protection.
>Individual psychoeducation and osteopathy service;
>Guerrier Pacifique psycho-educational program;
>Mindfulness Pain Management Program;
>Wellness activities such as mindfulness meditation and yoga;
>Stable volunteer program to break isolation, allow social exposure and develop a sense of belonging and usefulness.
>Our programs are accessible to clients already in active follow-up.
>Our service offering attempts to support clients in the different phases of their problems in order to bring them towards autonomous management. Obviously, we are working with the medical services in place for mental health.
>Our volunteer program and individual psychoeducational services aim to accompany our beneficiaries to gradual exposure.

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Equine Facilitated Therapy
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>In all of our group programs and individual services, horses are at the heart of our activities. They play a role that is both a support to calm down, a reminder to regain control and are another strong relational being who can bring challenges. Work on the farm can also be an interesting modality for working on the notion of recovery, rehabilitation and social integration.
>Our programs integrate different actors and approaches.
>Our interventions are evaluated with clients via the psychoeducational clinical circle, as well as for osteopathy.
>Mindfullness Pain Management
>Meditation, Yoga

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>A satisfaction form is given to customers. But we would like to develop more objective measures.

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