United Church of Canada / Église unie du Canada
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Delivery Method
In person
French, English, Both
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3250 Bloor Street West, Ontario (ON) M8X 2Y4
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Chuck Ross
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Organization email address
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Canada, Ontario (ON)
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Manitoba (MB), Ontario (ON)
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Basic Needs, Organizational/Community/International Services
Basic Needs Categories
Food, Housing/Shelter, Material Goods
Organizational/Community/International Services Categories
Community Recognition
Food Sub-categories Services
Emergency Food
Housing/Shelter Sub-categories Services
Crisis/Emergency Shelter, Housing Search and Information
Community Recognition Sub-categories Services
Community Service, Spiritual Services
Material Goods Sub-categories Services
Household Goods, Personal Goods/Services
Specify Services

>Church based organization with a heritage of involvement in a variety of crises.
>Church-based drop-ins
>Spiritual guidance
>Community ministries providing access to services
>We don’t actively seek out folks, but react if they present themselves to us. As a church, we are trained to refer, refer, refer. Practical necessities are within reach and offered, those things we cannot provide, we will assist in getting the most helpful assistance.
>Emergency food
>Access to emergency shelters
>Experience arranging for housing
>Furnishing and startup for refugees (which is transferable to this situation).
>We generally provide spiritual services and a community for support.

Specify Methods

>A variety, primarily based on past successes and failures.

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Manitoba (MB), Ontario (ON)
Manitoba Forums
Ontario Forums
Kingston, Ottawa, North Bay, Thunder Bay, Hamilton, Toronto, London, Windsor
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