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310 Alexander Street, Vancouver, British Columbia (BC) V6A 1C3
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Sonora Szoczei
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Canada, British Columbia (BC), Vancouver Coast, Vancouver
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>Whole Way House provides ongoing tenant support services to residents. This includes walking alongside tenant through various life crises and challenges they may face with respect to their housing security, hospitalization, or issues with their quality of life. We work with our tenants to prevent and reduce negative and consequential impacts from potential crises. Our support may include education, skills training, and advocacy.
>To the extent that we are involved in the housing process at the Veterans Manor, we give priority to veterans when it comes to housing at the Veterans Manor. We also help mediate resident landlord issues (when appropriate) to prevent eviction. Examples would be creating rent repayment programs, supporting and teaching home and personal hygiene skills, etc.
>Our residents at the Veterans Manor are veterans and seniors, 55+, transitioning out of homelessness into stable, supportive housing. As mentioned, Whole Way House offers tenant support services. These services provide tenants with support in stabilizing their housing/lives, and towards healthy aging.
>At Whole Way house our mandate is to support the vulnerable and isolated on their journey of healing in a safe and welcoming community, equipping them to recognize their inherent worth and purpose. We do this through community building programs. In the past this has included birthday parties, seated exercise, family dinners, and weekly outings. To note, we have updated and modified our programs and service to adhere to COVID-19 safety protocols.

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>Specific methodologies would include our monthly success checks we do with new residents for the first 6 months of their tenancy, as it helps prevent evictions due to room cleanliness issues. In addition we offer budgeting services and work with residents and landlords with rent repayment programs or additional program agreements to resolve landlord-tenant issues and prevent evictions.
>Our stabilizing support includ resourcing connection, food security, government support application and forms, taxes, etc.
>Once stabilized in their housing, an important part of our community building program is inviting tenants to volunteers with programs to build skills and instill a sense of ability and purpose.

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>Whole Way House tracks the length of time a tenant lives in the building from the beginning of their move-in date. This allows us to compared rates of evictions for those who used our programs and have gone through our 6-months of success checks.
>We track information on incoming tenants into the Veterans Manor since our introduction into the building. This includes retention.
>We are intentional about tracking the attendance to our program and to collect feedback from attendees. This allows us to measure the positive impact of the programs and how we can make as successful and helpful as possible for residents.

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