Privacy Policy

RESPECTMap is a public information repository, open to all, aimed at encouraging collaboration among organizations serving veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, emergency responders (peace officers, police, fire and rescue and paramedics and dispatchers), as well as their families. This platform is primarily aimed at service providers, enabling them to present their organization and learn more about the service landscape locally, regionally, and nationally. 

By registering within the RESPECTMap, you agree that the information provided will be publicly shared on our site as well as with official partner organizations (see list). You are free to make any changes to your organization’s information. The registration form will go through an approval process by our mapping coordinator who will ensure that the information is valid and meets our criteria. 

Through your use of the RESPECTMap, you can learn more about organizations that support veterans, emergency responders, and their families. Listed organizations are responsible for their information.

The mapping coordinator will ask RESPECTMap participants to update their information twice yearly by email. The RESPECTMap does not guarantee in any way the accuracy of the data provided to it or to the mapping project, by listed organizations.

The RESPECTMap’s goal is to expand its partner network to reduce duplication of effort and promote ease of access to aid potential opportunities for collaboration. Recognizing the existence of several similar directories- both specialized and non-specialized – RESPECTMap is joining forces with several partners to share the information collected. Each participating organization is invited to accept the sharing of their information in order to be listed within the different partner organizations’ platforms.